End of Year Celebrations Around the Quantbot World!

Happy New Year from Quantbot Technologies! We round out 2017 with some End-of-Year Celebrations at both the New York office and the London office. In New York the whole office went to Suite 36, and chatted over plates of food (and helped along by an open bar!)

While the London office went for a classy dinner at hip Korean restaurant, Jinjuu Soho.

As we end 2017 on a high-note, may we wish everyone an incredible and happy 2018!

Quantbot Invited to 10th Annual Traders@MIT Intercollegiate Fall Trading Competition

Sponsored by Schonfeld and hosted by Traders@MIT, 2017’s Intercollegiate Fall Trading Competition was a full-day event focused on algorithmic trading and a “day-of” case study, where competitors had to use quantitative analysis to solve a problem in real time. Designed as a realistic and educational exercise for students interested in Algo Trading, the event was attended by people from┬áMIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, UChicago, UPenn, Northwestern, Baruch, NYC…and Quantbot! We’re always interested in scouting out young and exciting talent we can welcome to our team and encourage in their future careers.